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  1. hello there! I just wanted to thank you for stopping by a while back and leaving such a nice message. I thanked Grace and could have sworn that I left a message here before but now I do not see it. I had told you that you couldn’t be any more spot on – – “the Journey IS the Destination” and I would make a terrible travel agent because it took me 50 years to learn that! I hope you will visit me again.

    take care,

    • Dear Travel Agent,

      hello there! I just wanted to request your services for my journey. I understand that you have recent experience there, so could advise me with a Freshly Pressed memory. No, I don’t want to see your channeler. Please tell me about your journey via the Blogher Award so I can decide whether I want to pursue that route. Where were the pickpockets? Where was the road work? Did you join any of the surveyors or trailblazers or spelunkers to find a shortcut? Speaking of spelunkers, how deep did you go?

      Where are the best call girls? bell boys? wait staff? I recall that you previously suggested that copies of my writings suffice as tips?

      Were you able to find any mass transportation? carpools? subsidies?

      Where are the dressing rooms? Will I have to change identities in broom closets so my blog can take off?

      and, most importantly, how do you find time to continue commenting on other people’s blogs?

      (Stephanie, your Feb message just now showed up in my email as if it posted 13 hours ago, so I just couldn’t resist responding. Mama D, I hope you don’t mind. Love to you both!)

  2. I nominated you for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award to recognize your faithfulness to my blog. Please visit my latest post to learn more about this award, and to leave a comment describing how you choose blogs to follow, and why you “Like” and leave comments on blogs.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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