Ubuntu- “I am what I am because of who we all are”

I like this, but more importantly, I am reblogging this to bring together my own thoughts on Ubuntu and the way forward for responsible people in the Earth.

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“Ubuntu is a philosophy that considers the success of the group above that of the individual.” Stephen Lundin- Ubuntu!

The word ‘Ubuntu‘ originates from one of the Bantu dialects of Africa, and is pronounced as uu-Boon-too. It is a traditional African philosophy that offers us an understanding of ourselves in relation with the world. According to Ubuntu, there exists a common bond between us all and it is through this bond, through our interaction with our fellow human beings, that we discover our own human qualities. Or as the Zulus would say, “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu”, which means that a person is a person through other persons. We affirm our humanity when we acknowledge that of others. The South African Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes Ubuntu as:

‘It is the essence of being human. It speaks of the fact that my humanity is caught up and is…

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Reaching Within


There is no distance further away than the centre of ones heart. There is no place closer.

If we are alive to the ‘heart of things’ – this being a metaphorical device to refer to the ‘core of the matter’, the crux, the fulcrum, the pivot; or more organically, the pith, the nucleus or the kernel –  then we are also aware that we rarely live our lives in respect of these places – within us.  Rather, we swim around in the centres of other people’s thinking, untrue to ourselves, as one might be in infidelity: a lover with a roving eye.

Some of us might reach out to the peripheries of received wisdoms, thought that is considered somewhat mediocre, or run of the mill, but we soon become well aware of the magnetic force of the core, drawing us back to its heart of entropy.  We are so surrounded by different forms of media – live mediums – willing us to be other than where we most naturally are: we, with ourselves.

There is order, though, in the margins. This is a place where creation thrives amidst the apparent chaos. When we ‘honour our errors’, we are likely to realise, through the learning derived from reassessment and re-evaluation, which comes out of repeated, but respected failure, that there is a pattern to why we went wrong and a symmetry that it mirrors, which, if closely examined, yields the path to the solution that we desired all along.

The same solution that eludes us when we fail to learn from our mistakes.

There is an Egyptian deity, Ma’at, who is said to be the principle foundational to the act(s) of Creation by Re/Ra. She also represents the Natural laws behind creation with allied principles of Truth and Harmony and Balance. She is associated with the Heart, the Ab in the human and the Ba of the realm of spirit. More on this in later writings.

Deity in the continent of Africa is held as a Force of Nature, a mechanism or energy through which the complex of nature can be understood. So in this way Ma’at becomes a fulcrum of Balance: the individuals heart is weighed in her scales in the halls of the Duat, in the afterlife. It needs to be lighter than the ostrich feather, which is also her symbol. It needs to demonstrate that it is Just, having been balanced in life by obeying the laws of reciprocity.

How weighed down are you by unresolved issues, past failures, regrets? Any of these may have arrived because you have been living ‘away from yourself’, distracted by a false life conveyed to you, and unable to remember to trust your heart intelligence, your authentic self and the place where you make your connection with divine, or transcendent heart.

In Native American culture there is a similar understanding, and animals are woven in as part of the totemic representation and agency of nature. Individuals engage the services of animal life as guides to navigate the challenges of living on earth. Living like the animals in such societies does not connote something base and untoward, but an enlightened way, for after all animals were here before us and have had a greater opportunity to explore living with nature.

Through symbolic understanding of that which has been and is still being created around and within us, we have access to our truth and can stand firmly in it and relate to each other with the necessary balance and respect.

The meeting place of all truths is where we can make authentic connections with each other, with respect and with an open heart, ready to draw upon the variety of perspectives there are in the world as a way of improving our understanding of it. Drawing on diversity means we can be more tolerant, take more time about how we live our lives and so live with greater authenticity.

So how close are you to your Truth, to your Heart?

Time for Transformation, again

It is always time for transformation. Change is constant. What’s new? Everything is and so am I.

Growing, developing, so unlike I was yesterday and as I will be tomorrow. Yet. Steady.

As the falling rain and the glowing sun, there in constancy, yet, every part of me has changed and is changing.

Unique composition inImage Union with all. Many drops: one ocean.